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HVAC Maintenance: Changing Your Air Filter in a Zero Energy Ready Home™

How to Change Your Air Filter in an Energy Star Home

What You’ll Need to Change the Air Filter:

  • A New Air Filter (check the filter size and part numbers to ensure you have the correct filter for your unit)


  • Your AC System should be shut off before and while swapping air filters,
  • You can build your new air filter before shutting off the air to make the process quicker. The trick to building the new filter is keeping all the corners up high until you get them all in place. Once you slide it into place, make sure to attach all the tabs. 

Today we’re going to talk about changing your air filter in your home to keep the air flow free and clear, so that your unit runs properly. 

How to Change the Air Filter:

  • First, turn off your AC unit. 
  • Second, take off the door and check the current filter.
  • Third, pull the old filter out.
  • Fourth, build your new filter. The filter has directions to ensure your new filter is put together properly. 
  • Fifth, place the new filter inside making sure to check the direction of the air flow arrow written on the filter.
  • Sixth, put the door back on.
  • Seventh, Turn your AC unit back on.