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How to Caulk Your Shower Corners

How to Caulk Your Shower Corners

Now that you’re living in your new home, all the materials that were used to build your home are starting to dry out and cure. In that process, you’re going to find areas that start to crack. Today’s video will focus on your showers and caulking the shower corners when they crack. Caulking is one of the most important homeowner maintenance tips that you’ll learn. 

The corners of tiled walls will need to be re-caulked periodically. When you notice the grout/caulk in the corners cracking it is time to re-caulk to avoid any water damage to your new home. Watch this helpful step by step video for more information.

What You’ll Need to Caulk Your Shower:

  • A caulking gun 
  • Sanded caulk (or the same color caulk as your grout)
  • A rag or caulking tool (your finger will also work if you don’t have either of those) 

How to Caulk Your Shower: 

  • First, you want to cut the tip of the caulk (there is a slot where you cut it)
  • Second, put your caulk tube in and tighten it up
  • Third, line up the caulking gun with the crack and pull the trigger on the caulking gun to release the caulk. 
  • Fourth, smooth out the caulk by using a caulking tool or rag to make the corner look nice and fresh. You can also use your finger to smooth it out.
  • Fifth, wipe any excess off and let it dry before using your shower.