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Jeff and Liz Stoddard


First let me say thank you for all you did to help us find our dream home here in Nocatee. You treated us with kindness and dedication to helping us find the exact home we were looking for. From the first meeting to signing the contract, you went above and beyond in our home buying experience. You went the extra mile to ensure that we felt comfortable in our decision. Looking back, it was such a fun and exciting experience.

Thank you for all that you did for our family.

Rob & Linda Jodrie


My husband and I would like to share our experience with you regarding the warranty process from the time we purchased the home until the one year warranty period ended. I will say that I am not one to give easy praise when not deserved, so for me to write this testimonial means that Providence Homes warranty department has gone above and beyond my expectations. I have purchased other homes that were new builds over the years and have never had service like this before.

We were met with a pleasant and professional warranty supervisor, Kristy Bell. She explained the entire process to us and went thru each room and in detail explained how to maintain, care for, and clean appliances, floors, AC unit maintenance etc. She has a whole packet put together for us so we can refer back to all of the various parts of our home should it be windows, counter tops, tile grout and more. It was very thorough and she answered all questions that we presented her as well.

We then went thru the home to see if we had any issues presently and then she stated that we again would review this at the end of the first year. We had a few minor issues such as touch ups in the paint, nail pops, a failed seal in one window and cabinet door damage. She lined all of the subcontractors up for us and we had all of the issues addressed in a timely fashion and around my work schedule. Each subcontractor was professional and respectful of my home by being careful not to hit walls with equipment they were bringing in and to use shoe covers over there boots or to remove them without being asked to do so. That was very appreciated as I stated before that I can be a person who is picky and I pay a lot of attention to detail. This is also why I enjoyed working with Kristy, as she understood how I was and made sure all work was done to both of our satisfactions.

For the year warranty inspection, Kristy again not only was on time, but early for the appointment. She and I went over a few more minor finds over the year and each and every one was addressed and repaired. Kristy also was here to meet with the subcontractors and directed them to the various jobs to be done. She kept excellent notes so she was prepared to instruct them what I wanted to be fixed. I was happy that I did not have to look their job over as she did and pointed out that some needed a little more attention before completion. I was also impressed that a few subcontractors showed me a couple of things that I did not notice and said that they would also repair that. (One was a roof shingle issue that they came back to do and another was a cracked cabinet door).

Kristy kept us up to date on when people would come out for the repairs via email. She also gave us her number if we had any questions or concerns. Kristy is an extremely professional warranty supervisor, who is also polite, respectful and personable. She has done an exceptional job in helping us get the repairs done and she represents the Providence Homes Warranty Department with great pride.

We have enjoyed this experience and would be happy to speak with any potential buyers to share our thoughts both on the great build, energy efficient home and the excellent staff in the warranty department that supports the builder.

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