Purchasing a new home is one of the most rewarding journeys you’ll ever make. Since every family is different, one of the first steps of this exciting ride is figuring out which floor plan is the best fit for you. From the number of rooms to room location, Providence Homes is here to help you find the perfect plan! Here are a few things to consider when choosing a floor plan:

How much space do you need?

Of course, square footage plays a big role in your decision. Are you a couple that prefers a cozier space, or a larger family that needs more room? Do you like to entertain friends and family often? Another factor to consider is a tentative idea of the future — if you think you’ll be starting a family or expanding one, a larger plan might suit you better. There’s no right or wrong answer about size; it’s completely up to you!

How many floors make sense for you?

Both homes with one and two floors have their own merits. A two-story home gives a different shape and aura to the space, as each floor will be used for something different. A one-story home is great for those who may have mobility restrictions, are planning for the future, or who may just value having everything together! Both plans can be arranged and decorated to your liking, so you’re always satisfied.

Do you want specialized rooms?

We all know about the typical rooms inside of a home, from bedrooms to a kitchen to a living room, but sometimes, we need a little bit more than that. If you work from home often, or have always wanted a media room, game room, or playroom for your children, many of our Providence Homes floor plans comes with flexible space to truly make your own. Your style and preferences will be met!

Do you need extra space for storage?

Just like an extra room, many people desire (and need!) extra space for storage. And we don’t blame you — there are so many things in our lives that we want to keep safe and sound. Several of our floor plans offer spacious lofts that let you keep your personal items in tip-top shape at all times. No matter what you need this space for, our plans can give you the peace of mind that you need.

How do you want your space organized?

Our floor plans are all unique and varied, so you can truly find the one that speaks to you best. When it comes to the space, how would you like each room situated? For instance, do you prefer a laundry area near the garage, or on the second floor near the bedrooms? Although a minor detail, we can walk you through our different options and discuss how each feature can complement your personal style.

At Providence Homes, we value the chance to build living spaces that enhance people’s lives. When our families settle into their new, energy-efficient, high-quality homes, they immediately know that it was built with love and care. Our floor plans are designed to make sure that every homeowner is happier than they could have imagined! We guarantee that you’ll find a plan that fits your lifestyle and makes each and every day as bright as the Florida sun.

For more information on our floor plans, homes, and communities, please visit our website, or give us a call at 904-262-9898. We look forward to working with you on this incredible journey!