Providence Homes is excited to announce it has been recognized as an ENERGY STAR builder partner who is 100% committed to building ENERGY STAR homes. This new “Committed to Building 100% ENERGY STAR” mark is a further demonstration of Providence Homes’ full support of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program and their dedication to educating homebuyers about the value of the ENERGY STAR certified new homes.

To become an ENERGY STAR builder partner, a builder agrees to affix an ENERGY STAR label that has been independently verified on at least one ENERGY STAR certified home every 12 months to maintain their partnership. So it is important for consumers to recognize that an ENERGY STAR builder partner does not necessarily build exclusively ENERGY STAR certified homes. Some builder partners offer ENERGY STAR certified homes as an option. However, this new “100% Commitment” mark lets consumers know that builder partners like Providence Homes are totally committed to building nothing but ENERGY STAR certified homes. To date, Providence Homes has built more than 300 ENERGY STAR certified homes for Jacksonville families.