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At Providence Homes, we take great pride in building ENERGY STAR® Certified homes that can keep up with the energetic families that live inside them, while offering a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Through applied technologies and proven building science practices, our homes outperform traditional code built homes in all aspects of design and performance. 

 Providence Homes Celebrates Energy Excellence

Providence Homes has been named a 2017 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award winner for continued leadership in protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency achievements. Providence Homes’ accomplishments will be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. on April 26, 2017.

Bill Cellar 2015 POY AwardProvidence Homes, an ENERGY STAR® partner since 2009, will be honored for its outstanding efforts to bring energy-efficient homes to market. This is the first year Providence Homes has received the Sustained Excellence Award and third year in a row it has been recognized as a Partner of the Year winner. 

The 2017 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Awards are bestowed upon a diverse set of organizations that have demonstrated continued leadership in energy efficiency. Winners hail from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 organizations – representing energy-efficient products, services, new homes, and buildings in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. 

Since becoming an Energy Star partner in 2009, Providence Homes has built more than 1,000 Energy Star Homes helping Jacksonville families save over $1,500,000.00 on energy bills. 


2016 ENERGY STAR® Certified Market Leader Award 7 Times in a Row


Each year, ENERGY STAR® New Homes presents the Certified Homes Market Leader Award to outstanding partners who have made important contributions to energy–efficient construction and environmental protection by building or verifying an outstanding number of ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes during the previous year. In 2016, Providence Homes received the ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes Market Leader Award for an unprecedented 7th year in a row (2010-2016)! 


What does ENERGY STAR® really for you? 

Since 2009, Providence Homes has completed more than 1,000 ENERGY STAR® Certified homes helping Jacksonville families save over $1,500,00.00 in energy bills.  

According to ENERGY STAR®, by building over 1,000 ENERGY STAR® Certified homes, Providence Homes was responsible for the environmental equivalent of: 

  • Eliminated the emissions from 3,064 gas powered passenger vehicles from the road
  • Avoided the consumption of 4,239 barrels of oil
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 1,831 metric tons
  • Growing 47,452 tree seedlings for 10 years 

At Providence Homes we take great pride in building ENERGY STAR® Certified homes that are environmentally preferable and sustainable throughout the building process and will minimize the environmental impact of the home while it is being built and over the many years it will be lived in. By providing comfortable homes efficiently, our homeowners are operating their homes using less power, and less resources, a choice that continues to give back long after the construction has been completed.  

Providence Homes 1,000th ENERGY STAR® Home

titleProvidence Homes is excited to announce the completion of our 1,000th ENERGY STAR® home since becoming a 100% ENERGY STAR® Certified Builder in 2009. To earn the ENERGY STAR® blue label, every Providence home is built to the stringent ENERGY STAR® Version 3.0 (3.1 for Florida) guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Providence Homes is the largest locally owned 100% ENERGY STAR® Certified home builder in the Jacksonville area.

“We remain committed to being the only local builder in Northeast Florida to have 100% of our homes ENERGY STAR® Certified,” said Sean Junker, President of Providence Homes. “We believe in building well designed homes that are not only more energy efficient, but healthier for your family.”


 Quality Starts At The Top First


In North Florida, a vented attic is without a doubt the most hostile environment in a home. On a typical summer day temperatures can easily reach 120 to 150 degrees and be well below freezing in the winter. Any HVAC system and ductwork that operates in such an environment must work very hard just to overcome the temperature extremes. That’s why the U. S. Department of Energy’s Building America program has called this a “highly inefficient” design and has been influencing builders across the country to adopt unvented, conditioned attics since 2006. 

At Providence Homes, all of our 100% ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes are designed and built using an unvented or conditioned attic system. By applying foam insulation under the roof deck it turns the attic into an unvented or conditioned space and many of the undesirable conditions inherent with a traditional vented attic system are eliminated. The end result is greater energy efficiency, lower energy bills, increased moisture control and potentially a much healthier living environment. Unvented, conditioned attics are a recognized Building America Top Innovation.



This video by Steve Easley – Construction Consultant and Michael O’Donoughue – Jacksonville Building Science takes you on a unique behind the walls tour of the design, build, inspection and testing processes of an ENERGY STAR® Certified Providence Home.           

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