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New homes are now eligible to receive the Energy Star certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The rating has long been used on appliances to help consumers choose the most energy efficient models. The certification means the same thing for new homes.
Homes that receive the Energy Star label must meet stringent requirements showing they are designed and built to standards above the local building code. All Energy Star certified homes must undergo through a process of inspections, testing and verification by an independent third-party rater before it can receive the Energy Star label. Energy Star Homes are required to be 20-30% more efficient than comparable code built homes.



Discover the Difference

Since 2010, Providence Homes built more than 1,000 Energy Star Certified Homes for families' right here in North Florida. Every Providence Homes comes standard with a full suite of energy efficient features, including:

  • Advanced Wall Framing and Insulation
  • 2x6 Exterior Walls
  • R-21 Exterior Wall Insulation
  • Conditioned Attic with Foam Insulation
  • High Performance Vinyl Windows with Low-E Glass
  • Engineered HVAC System by a Licensed Engineer
  • 14 SEER Carrier HVAC w/ Puron Refrigerant
  • Fresh Air Management System
  • Programmable Digital Thermostats
  • Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater



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