Every Providence Home is designed with a RIGHT SIZED HVAC SYSTEM. This means you no longer have to accept an oversized HVAC system that blasts hot or cold air compensate for the inherent design flaws that we have all taken for granted as normal. The end result is a more efficient HVAC system that costs less to operate, requires less maintenance, reduces indoor humidity and improves the overall comfort of your home.
On average air conditioning systems are:

• Oversized in 47 percent of installations,
• Air flow is inadequate in 70 percent of installations,
• Refrigerant is improper (under or over) in 74 percent of installations
• Research has proven these poor installation and design practices could save 24 to 45 percent energy usage

Another important component with an Energy Star home is the mechanical ventilation requirement to keep fresh air flowing. This system helps control the source of the air and how much gets in and out of the house.
Recap - none of this is possible unless the home is sealed tight.

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