Customer Reviews



We just wanted to reach out and let Providence know how appreciative we are of the great service provided by Adam Pogachnik.

Adam has been working with us since September 2017, and is still making himself available to us even though we closed the beginning of March this year. He has been top notch all the way, far exceeding our expectations, and is an all-around great guy. We're very happy he was assigned to our build and we're extremely grateful he has made sure to be there for us afterward as well.

We hope Providence realizes they have such a great employee in Nocatee!

Jim and Kathy McGuire

The McGuire's | Nocatee - The Outlook

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I would like to share our experience with you regarding the warranty process from the time we purchased the home until the one year warranty period ended. I will say that I am not one to give easy praise when not deserved, so for me to write this testimonial means that Providence Homes warranty department has gone above and beyond my expectations. I have purchased other homes that were new builds over the years and have never had service like this before.

We were met with a pleasant and professional warranty supervisor, Kristy Bell. She explained the entire process to us and went thru each room and in detail explained how to maintain, care for, and clean appliances, floors, AC unit maintenance etc. She has a whole packet put together for us so we can refer back to all of the various parts of our home should it be windows, counter tops, tile grout and more. It was very thorough and she answered all questions that we presented her as well.

We then went thru the home to see if we had any issues presently and then she stated that we again would review this at the end of the first year. We had a few minor issues such as touch ups in the paint, nail pops, a failed seal in one window and cabinet door damage. She lined all of the subcontractors up for us and we had all of the issues addressed in a timely fashion and around my work schedule. Each subcontractor was professional and respectful of my home by being careful not to hit walls with equipment they were bringing in and to use shoe covers over there boots or to remove them without being asked to do so. That was very appreciated as I stated before that I can be a person who is picky and I pay a lot of attention to detail. This is also why I enjoyed working with Kristy, as she understood how I was and made sure all work was done to both of our satisfactions.

For the year warranty inspection, Kristy again not only was on time, but early for the appointment. She and I went over a few more minor finds over the year and each and every one was addressed and repaired. Kristy also was here to meet with the subcontractors and directed them to the various jobs to be done. She kept excellent notes so she was prepared to instruct them what I wanted to be fixed. I was happy that I did not have to look their job over as she did and pointed out that some needed a little more attention before completion. I was also impressed that a few subcontractors showed me a couple of things that I did not notice and said that they would also repair that. (One was a roof shingle issue that they came back to do and another was a cracked cabinet door).

Kristy kept us up to date on when people would come out for the repairs via email. She also gave us her number if we had any questions or concerns. Kristy is an extremely professional warranty supervisor, who is also polite, respectful and personable. She has done an exceptional job in helping us get the repairs done and she represents the Providence Homes Warranty Department with great pride.

We have enjoyed this experience and would be happy to speak with any potential buyers to share our thoughts both on the great build, energy efficient home and the excellent staff in the warranty department that supports the builder.


Rob & Linda Jodrie

The Jodrie's | Markland

To whom it may concern,

We wanted to report on the wonderful service we received from Robin in the design center. She was easy to work with, helpful when some issues came up after visiting the design center, and all around just a wonderful person!

We wanted to let you know what an exemplary experience we had with Adam as our Superintendent. He was always punctual in returning emails, thorough in his explanations, and we loved the fact that he sent weekly updates. Specifically sending pictures of anything new that happened within the home. He was always willing to meet us at the house if we had questions about anything and he was an all-around pleasure to work with.

Respectful, sincere and competent in his knowledge of the entire home experience. We would recommend Adam and Providence to anyone who inquires.

Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday.

Christine and Zane Green

| The Outlook at Twenty Mile in Nocatee

"Erik was a great Realtor to work with. He was very kind and professional throughout the whole process. He was never pushy but always eager to give us helpful information and answer our many questions. He provided us regularly with updates and went over and beyond what we had expected him to do. Overall it was a true joy to work with Erik and the whole Providence team!"

Miranda Donohoe

Donohoe | The Crossing at Nocatee

Hi Providence Homes Team,

As the customer of any type of service work, rarely do we customers deal with folks that do everything right. In fact, I think most people's customer service experiences border on the edge of mediocrity. But we found someone who finally bucked the trend. What a refreshing delight it was to work with Kristy Bell in the Providence Homes warranty department.

Aside from her kindness, ability to relate to our needs, and empathy, Kristy was perhaps the most knowledgeable, jack-of-all-trades tradesperson I've ever met. Not only has she seen it all, but there's a good chance she's done it too. Her passion for the industry and eagerness to constantly learn more manifests in a superb combination of customer service and get-it-done-right attitude.

In an OCD household like ours, Kristy was keenly aware of what needed to be done, how to handle it, and how to somehow keep things tidy throughout the process.

Kristy also has a wonderful attitude & disposition that can seemingly mesh with all people and personalities - from the demanding customer to every type of tradesperson with whom she works, Kristy develops a relationship of mutual respect that encourages great results and customer happiness.

She follows-through on everything, addresses warrantable flaws the customer may not have seen, and somehow manages to do it all with a genuine smile. Kristy cares about her work, she cares about her customers, and she cares about her company. She is nothing short of the consummate home warranty professional.

Shifting gears a bit, we also have had a wonderful experience interfacing with Nova Taylor. Nova responded promptly to all our emails and requests for information. She confirmed that appointments were set and when each tradesperson was scheduled to be in our home, and I could tell that she treats Kristy Bell the way any good employee should be treated: with respect. I also appreciate that Nova may have OCD as bad as me. In a role like hers, attention to the tiniest details are imperative, and it's apparent that Nova does it quite well.

Best Regards,
Rob & Krissy Kinker

The Kinker Family | The Outlook at Twenty Mile in Nocatee

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take a few minutes and share my amazing experience buying a home from Providence Homes. More specifically, my interactions with Erik Head and Jack Dycus.

By the time we made it to Providence Homes and spoke with Erik Head, my wife and I had already visited Nocatee three times and had talked with dozens of agents and had seen at least 50 different houses. We thought there was nothing new to learn about homes or Nocatee. Well...that was not the case. Erik Head welcomed us as if we were family right from the start. He was clear not only did he know everything about Providence Homes, but he was 100% certain there was no better home for us. Within minutes, my wife and I knew we were going to buy a Providence Home...but which one? Erik spent time with us asking questions about what are needs were. It didn't take long before he took us to a house being built that fit our needs. It was perfect.

If there is one thing that is more stressful than buying a home...it would be buying a home when you live 12 hours away. I'm pretty certain we asked in the neighborhood of 300 questions of Erik. Each time...without fail, he answered our questions and calmed our concerns. Every time we visited Nocatee, Erik made time to meet with us and catch us up on what was happening with our home. I would go as far as saying Erik was as knowledgeable about the talking points of Providence Homes as he is with the construction and construction phases of the homes.

Erik made the entire home buying process enjoyable. If I had the money...I would buy another home from Erik. Since I don't I plan to send all of my friends to him.

Jack Dycus continued where Erik left off. Not sure if we were the first family he did an initial plans review with over the phone or not...but we couldn't tell. Every time Jack called us to update us on the construction status, he made sure we understood what everything meant and took the time to answer all of our questions. By the third phone call I felt Jack was more like a family member checking in on my house and sharing the information, than an employee being paid to do so.

Jack made it clear from day one that if there was something he wouldn't like in his own house...then it wouldn't be good enough for our house. Jack met us at our home every time we flew down from Maryland. Each time he updated us on the status and what was next. During the final walk through he assured us the items we identified as needing fixed...would be in fact fixed by closing. Additionally, his knowledge and experience really helped when he walked us through the house and explained how everything worked.

By the end...I really felt as if Jack would at my house once we moved in with a welcome to the neighborhood gift...at the very least he would be a regular friend who would come over and help us with any 'construction' type things.

In short...my wife and I can't imagine buying a home with any other builder.


Chris Eder

| The Crossing at Nocatee

To whom it may concern,

In my professional career, I have spent 15 years working with the building science community. I understand the elements that make a home energy efficient. When my wife and I begin looking for a builder to build our home in the Jacksonville area, finding a builder who built to energy star standards was a priority. A home built to Energy Star standards is not only energy efficient; it possesses a healthy living environment that creates a more comfortable home. We invested a lot of time in researching area builders and visiting models. From the moment we walked into the Providence model, we could feel the difference. The home felt different. There was a consistent temperature throughout, the quiet environment of the home was noticeable, and I did not feel the sun's radiant heat coming through the windows. These are all characteristics of an Energy star, healthy home.

We have not been disappointed in our purchase of a Providence Home. It possesses the qualities of energy efficiency and is a healthy indoor living environment. Our home is healthy, comfortable, quiet, and energy efficient. It is the largest home we have ever owned but our monthly energy bill is the lowest we have ever had. Thank you Providence Homes for building us an Energy Star Home!

David and Elise Thornton

The Thornton's | Nocatee - Greenleaf Village

Dear Providence homes,

Now that my wife and I have somewhat settled into our new home after closing on July 14th, we wanted to take a moment to send you a special note about our experience, specifically in relation to our service from an outstanding individual Adam Pogachnik (Construction Superintendent), whom oversaw the construction of our new home.

Let me start with, this was not our first new home construction, but it was very different in MANY ways than my first experience, especially with the fact that my wife was in New Jersey, while I was here in Florida.

This feedback also comes with a lot of information and dialog with people in the Outlook and the Crossings feedback. It is very very clear that the experiences of new home buyers have little to do with the company (Cal-Atlantic/ICI/David Weekly/Providence) and a TON more to do with the hands on experience of building the home, and that comes down to the Construction Superintendent. In our specific case, we had an absolutely overwhelmingly positive experience building our home with Providence, and I'm certain that had 60-70% to do with working with Adam, and I will give the rest of the credit to the design staff whom were also great with us, and the Sales team whom always helped us with whatever questions we had.

1. Engagement: Adam made us feel like we were an integral part of the construction process, this started with the in depth walkthrough, and the feeling he gave us that we could contact him about/ask him about anything.
2. This continued with the "Monday morning update" - where we would get pictures every week of what was ‘new' with the house, and a ‘trades update' as to what we could expect that week. (Especially for Jennifer, being out of state, this made her feel much more connected to the new home construction process)
3. Since I was living in Jax, I had the opportunity to stop and see the house almost weekly, and I had plenty of questions that Adam had no issue with getting back to me promptly with responses.
4. When it came time for the walkthrough, no item we had a concern with was overlooked.
5. And once we were ready to close Adam very promptly took care of the "closing list" items.
6. Throughout the entire process, we knew what to expect and when to expect it. Key to good customer service is communication, and Adam has a great communication plan that he executed to perfection.

If anyone asks us who our builder was, we very proudly say Providence Homes! And whenever I see someone at the model, I always tell them to request Adam as their Job Super and they won't be disappointed!

One point of constructive feedback I would give is Adam knew I was not happy with the Listello in both Bath 2 and 3, bath 3 was taken care of perfectly, bath 2 was improved, but it wasn't the quality it should have been. That item is now on my Warrantee list, and I really wish he had taken action to get it rectified before closing. But in the grand scheme of things, for only one item to be not right in the delivery of a home this size, I consider it to be a minor blemish on an otherwise perfect experience.

So in closing, Adam was great, and made our experience of buying with Providence Homes a very good one.

Best Regards,

Danny and Jennifer Triepke

| The Outlook

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You to your staff for making my recent sales experience with Linda and Rob Jodrie such a pleasant one. From the beginning, Gen O'Dell was very helpful and willing to stay late to write up their offer the Saturday before Easter. She's was great communicating with my Buyers throughout the sale as well. Our biggest surprise was when the offer was accepted on Easter Sunday afternoon by Providence's management.

I also want to compliment Adam Pogachnik who did a great job during the initial orientation (walk-thru) with the Jodrie's and me as well as the final one with me alone since they could not attend just before closing. Adam seems to really love what he does and working for Providence...it shows in his knowledge and enthusiasm with the customers.

All in all, after a year of diligently searching for the perfect home for Linda and Rob, I believe we found it and they will be extremely happy with their new home in Markland. Needless to say, the quality of the construction of the home and end result speaks for itself.

Thank you again.


Mary Higginbotham, Realtor
RE/MAX Unlimited

Jodrie | Markland

Hi Erik and Brandon,

Apologizes for the delay in sending this note out, especially after we closed a month ago, but wanted to send a big thank you and express how grateful both Jennifer and I are to you both as well as the entire Providence team (I know there are a lot of folks that make this happen more than you both).

As you fully know that building a new home is a stressful experience and you both made that journey a great experience, especially considering it was our first home that we built.

Erik, we really appreciate the constant communications, updates and special touches such as sending photos during the build process while we were still in CT. You made this process less stressful from the very beginning (from the time we explored the lot and model back in April), until the end. We also really appreciate the card and gift!
Brandon, you made the building process less stressful from the very beginning, from the time we our first walk-through until the final walk-through. We really appreciate everything you did to make the home beautiful.

Thank you for everything! And please send our fondest appreciation to everyone else on the Providence team!

Bryan and Jennifer

The Thompsons | The Grove at Twenty Mile Village


First let me say thank you for all you did to help us find our dream home here in Nocatee. You treated us with kindness and dedication to helping us find the exact home we were looking for. From the first meeting to signing the contract, you went above and beyond in our home buying experience. You went the extra mile to ensure that we felt comfortable in our decision. Looking back, it was such a fun and exciting experience.

Thank you for all that you did for our family.


Jeff and Liz Stoddard

| Nocatee

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let you know that Jack did an incredibly good job on our home. I own a business and work a lot, Jack was very easy to work with and made the process much easier than I expected. He really takes pride in his work; it was obvious from the start. I appreciate his honesty and how he told me how things were going, regardless of whether or not it was on time, although they got my house done in the time. He knew the tradesman working on my house and they were very professional and obviously took the same pride in doing their work as well. I worked extremely hard to be able to build this house for my family, I thought it would be an overly stressful thing to do, but it wasn't. The quality is why I chose Providence and I wasn't disappointed at all. It was better than I could have hoped for!

Jack is a hand on guy, and I really appreciated his hard work in building my family a beautiful home! I'm generally not someone that does this, but I am, because of the outstanding job him and the trades did on my house, and they deserve recognition from me!

The Swain's

The Swain's | Nocatee
The Orth Residence

To whom it may concern,

"Our experience with Providence Homes has been nothing short of amazing. From the minute we stepped into the model home and met Cheryl Hall to now - the whole process has been better than we had ever imagined! Every single step has been fun, detailed, and exciting.

Buying a new home - especially one that hasn't been built yet - can be very overwhelming, but everyone we were in contact with made the whole process SO easy. We are a military family and weren't in Florida to witness our home being built, but Cheryl constantly sent us pictures, Brandon would e-mail us weekly to give us construction updates, and Kelly and Donna were always in touch with our interior design questions and concerns. We don't have one regret - everything is perfect in our new home and we are so excited to finally be living in it!"

The Orth Family | Village Center at Durbin Crossing

Hi Erik,

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for helping us find our home. I still can't quite believe that we have a home in Nocatee. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have met you and how patient you were in showing us home after home in the pelting rain before Hurricane Matthew landed. How many people can actually say that they closed on their vacation home on the eve of a hurricane making landfall!

Thank you for answering all our questions and listening in order tailor the house to our needs. We also appreciate your patience in signing all the documents with two kids running around in your office. We actually hadn't expected to find our house that day but the more we research Nocatee the more we consider ourselves so very lucky to have gotten a home there. We will be there right after Christmas until the first week of January and I'll be in touch.

Have a great holiday with your family.


| Nocatee


I do not usually write letters like this one, but it is more than deserved. My parents, Boyce & Joyce Whitener, are 76 and 82 years old and they wanted to move from NC to live near me and my family. Having already built one retirement home, it was not an exciting prospect to build another one. They were set on Del Webb until we happened upon your Addison Park Development in Nocatee. Mark Schirmer showed us around the development and they were sold....we're building a house. Mark has been so unbelievable to my parents, even after the sell. He would see them around the Nocatee Town Center area and always make it a point to say "hello" and check in on how things were going with them and the house.

Secondly, your design team was fabulous and Kelly's patience and enthusiasm for their project made it not so overwhelming.

But the most noteworthy person was the project manager, Adam Pogachnik. He gathered from the beginning that this was a huge undertaking for my parents and included me on every email regarding the building of their new home. If my parents had a question, I would email Adam and would have a response within the hour. His attention to detail was amazing and he truly listened to my parents when they asked a question or brought up a concern. I could faithfully depend on receiving communication from Adam the beginning of each week to let us know what would be happening that week. Additionally, my parents would enthusiastically visit the building site every day and his patience with them is most appreciated! Building this house has been a true joy and it is because you have such competent, caring and dependable people like Adam.

I have and will continue to recommend Providence Homes to anyone who is looking to move to the Jacksonville area.

Patti Whitener Arey

The Whitener's | Nocatee
SJF249 Collier Inv


It is such a pleasure to write something about the Providence Homes experience.

Sales agent Cheryl Hall, Superintendent Brandon Corbitt, and our loan officer over at Prime Lending -Michael Gayda performed flawlessly to ensure that this process was perfect for our family, specifically the walk thru just before closing. Brandon had everything taped off before we even got there on the initial walk. The final walk thru all if the items were complete and the home had been professionally cleaned. It was perfect in every way.

Thank you everyone, and best wishes on continued success.

Stone Family

The Stone Family | St Johns Forest

To whom it may concern,

"As the first buyer in a new sub-division and as someone who had never had a home built before, I went into the purchase with a little trepidation. From the very beginning however, the team at Providence made me feel confident and at ease with my decision. From Erik Head, my salesperson, to Kelly and Donna in the Design Center, everyone I dealt with was friendly, professional and took the time to make the process as easy as possible.

My construction manager, Don, was nothing short of phenomenal. The knowledge that he brings and the care with which he treats his customers are reasons in themselves to trust your new build to this company.

Thanks Providence for building me not just a house but a home!"

The D'Andrea Family | Addison Park at Nocatee Town Center


My husband and I just wanted to take the time to brag on Adam Pogachnik. He was our superintendent on our home that we just bought in Twenty Mile and he did a phenomenal job! He always kept in touch, constantly giving us updates and was extremely kind and professional in our face to face meetings.

We were very impressed with him and forever thankful for his diligence in building our home.

Cassidy & Troy Flud

| Nocatee

Hello Cheryl,

We were able to gain enough order around the house to host Thanksgiving for a few of our family members. It was very enjoyable and everyone loved our home.

Please find our comments below. This was as short as we could get it :)

We were pleased with our experience during every aspect of our new Providence Home purchase. Everyone we came in contact with was very professional and truly made us feel like we were the most important customer at the moment.

Cheryl Hall took the time to walk us through the Normandy model on Dumfries court in Durbin Crossing and clearly point out whether an option was an upgrade or was standard. She also offered up other ideas with various cost ranges to help us decide on final options. She welcomed our Realtor, Wendy Griffis, and kept her well informed throughout the process.

We had a great experience with Donna Stanton when selecting colors! Her approach to offering the most value came through constant communication with us . Once she horned in on our general likes and dislikes, more and more of her initial suggestions were accepted.

Kelly Hicks was a loads of fun. She had us laughing almost through the entire plan review meeting. After quality checking, she contacted us to let us know an error was made and was corrected. Kelly also helped us work through a design issue with installing the microwave. It turned out beautifully.

Donna Green kept us abreast of the process and we could always count on her to respond to emails.

Brandon Corbitt walked us through our home and showed us the quality checks he performed to make sure all was going as planned. He took good notes and handled anything that we brought up that needed attention.

Most of all, we were so appreciative of the owner who compromised with us when we had delays associated with the sale of our previous home. Many, many thanks to all.

The Brown's | Durbin Crossing
The Collins


We just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all your assistance buying our first home. Not only were you very knowledgeable, courteous and professional, you were most importantly extremely patient dealing with our two young daughters during the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with you and you certainly have my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a new home in the area. As the home buying process is often difficult and stressful, you provided great insight to help us make what we truly believe is the right decision for our family.

The Collins | Yellow Bluff Landing

Hi Mark,

We have been in our home a few months now, and absolutely love it! It was a great experience to work with the Providence team to build our dream home. Mark was amazing and worked tirelessly to help us choose the perfect floor plan for our family, the perfect lot and then some of the fun extras we were able to add that really allowed us to customize our home. Jack kept us up to date on construction progress and was always available to answer any questions or discuss concerns we had throughout the process. He never made us feel like we were being "picky" and quickly addressed any minor issues we had along the way. The entire process went smoothly, the house was finished ahead of schedule, and after closing there literally wasn't anything of note that needed repairs.

We are thrilled with our Providence Homes home buying experience. Thank you for building our gorgeous new home!

The Daveline's | Nocatee
The Hubbard Family

To whom it may concern,

Our Providence sales agent Michael Ann was beyond pleasurable to work with in purchasing our brand new home. She did not pressure us at all and made the home building/buying process a breeze. She was reassuring and understanding with all of my many questions and concerns. Most importantly, Michael Ann was very responsive and provided several pictures throughout our building process as we were not local to the Nocatee area.

Jack, our superintendent, was on point as well with his weekly calls updating us on what had happened each week and what the plans for the upcoming weeks were.

I would highly recommend Michael-Ann to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

The Hubbard Family | Greenleaf Lakes at Nocatee
St Angelo

Dear Providence Homes,

Robert Lawry was very helpful, informative, professional, and overall very easy to work with during the entire build of our home and we would like you to know that straight from the customer. He should be commended for the extra effort he put forth in doing as much he could, with the constraints and resources he had at his disposal, to make the customer happy and satisfied.

Thank you for building our home and we look forward to making many family memories in it for years to come.


The St. Angelo's | Greenleaf Lakes in Nocatee
The Apel Residence

To whom it may concern,

We want to take a moment to thank the entire Providence team for a great experience with our new home. Cheryl Hall went above and beyond. She was always available to open the house for us, or answer questions. She even sent pictures of the house during each phase until we moved locally. Brandon Corbitt was quick to respond to questions and concerns as well.

Thank you for everything!

The Apel Family | Tollerton at Durbin Crossing

Dear Cheryl,

Hope you are doing good and all is well at your end. It's been exactly three months since we occupied our new place and I am short of words to express our wonderful experience in our new home. As I look back the process which started exactly a year ago. Starting with great experience we had in interacting with you right from choosing the model, financial calculations, pricing and revised pricing, customized selections, change orders etc., the endless list. All those interactions and our dialogues were learning itself and most important get to know you, Donna, Johnna, David and Brandon as individuals. Particularly about you, you didn't only sold property but also slowly you became a guidance counselor for us. Thank you for your all help and support. 

I am positive with people like you and others around your company would achieve great results and your management will be happy. We look forward enjoying our new home at the same time your help and guidance as necessary. We wish you all the best for your future deals and many happy home owners like us.

VC019 Happy New Home Owners!
Happy New Home Owners | Durbin Crossing

To whom it may concern,

We just wanted to take a moment to share with you the positive experience we had building our home with your company.

We are extremely happy with our new home in Greenleaf Lakes. Our questions/concerns were always answered promptly. The construction process of our home was also very smooth. Robert Lawry, our construction superintendent was very professional, knowledgeable and ALWAYS kept us updated on the progress of the home. Any identified issues were corrected and he made us feel like we weren't just another customer. Our home was actually completed 2 weeks prior to the estimated date which was a bonus.

You definitely have a great team!

The Alounevong's | Greenleaf Lakes at Nocatee

Good morning Charles.

In the fast pace world we will forget our appreciation. But, I wouldn't. I wanted to personally convey my thanks to you, Gen, Brandon and all team members during the build until closing, particularly Gen and Brandon.

FYI...10 years before we built a home in Midwest with a national builder and the process that you have, your team and even sub-contractors are awesome!

Of course there may be few things to be taken care after we start living there.

Thanks & Take care,

Ramesh | Durbin Crossing
The Compere

Providence Team,

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the customer service, guidance, and overall expertise you all provided during our home building experience.

Initially we selected another builder in the community, however it became very clear early on that this builder would not meet our needs - nor were they following through on any commitments set at contract. We met with Mike Paschall and he walked us through his model and several options. The difference in our experience with Mike and the other builder was night and day! Mike truly knows his product and is able to expertly walk his customers through the options and answer any questions. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has been available to us throughout the entire process. Mike gave proactive updates and made us feel that he was truly invested in building our dream home.

Our experience was very similar with the entire Providence team. Kelly Hicks and Donna Stanton were amazing. During both sessions these ladies helped guide us with selections and changes, sharing their input, but never making us feel pushed into any option. We LOVE the look and feel of our home. Jimmy Littleton walked us through every detail of our home and even spent time with my Dad who was "curious" about everything!

This entire process from start to finish has been exciting and STRESS-FREE thanks to the Providence Team!

The Compere's | Yellow Bluff Landing

Hi Cheryl,

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for the information we look forward to seeing the ENERGY STAR results feel free to stop by anytime.
Thank you for going the extra mile through the process of purchasing our new home. The Providence Homes team was always willing to answer any questions without hesitation. Providence Homes stands by their product and gave us comfort and confidence that we were making a great decision by going with them.

Talk to you soon

The Rivera's | Durbin Crossing

To Whom This May Concern,

We want to thank Cheryl, Brandon, and the rest of the Providence team for a great experience.

My wife and I decided to move to Jacksonville in 2014 to begin our careers and start our family. We met Cheryl during our first attempt at house hunting. The complicated world of home purchase was very tedious for us at that time and so we decided to take a few months off. Six months later, our journey landed us back with Cheryl Hall and Providence. Providence Homes had a great reputation and the floor plan that we wanted. I will be honest, we did not have the best rapport with our realtor; but Cheryl worked with us and guided us through the process. Brandon, our construction superintendent was knowledgeable about our build from foundation to completion. He was open for suggestions and provided timely responses. We were able to close on time with our new home and our 3 month old addition to the family, our son Noah.

Our home is truly Energy Efficient. Once again, we are very appreciative.

The Adeyemo Family

The Adeyemo Family | Durbin Crossing

Hi Mark,

My home buying experience with Providence Homes was great from beginning to end. I selected my lot and model last August. The timelines (that were shared with me last August) were met every single time. Each appointment including the Design, Floor plan and all of the meetings with the Supervisor were scheduled as planned. The Designer was very friendly, patient and easy to work with. My house was finished ahead of schedule. Most of the items that I noticed during the first walk through were fixed immediately. Woodsmen have been incredible relative to their attention to detail. I am very pleased with the Warranty process as well. I experienced some minor issues with a faucet, the AC and the cabinets and all were addressed immediately, thanks to Nova. I have heard about plenty of challenges with working with a Builder on a new home and my experience has been great!

I will recommend Providence to any friends who are interested in building a house.

Thank you!
Cindy Whitacre | Nocatee

I'm happy to say that my wife and I have had a wonderful experience with Providence. They have earned our trust by continually exceeding our expectations. What's more, is as we've started to settle into our new home we've become more and more appreciative of the quality of construction. For example, being from the Midwest, when we added a lanai we weren't aware of the different construction options. We learned that it didn't matter because Providence had our best interests in mind, and they included the extra details such as extra concrete work and aluminum kick plates without us even having to ask. The few small warranty calls we had were taken care of quickly and correctly - no haggling, reminder calls, or excuses - just prompt action as promised.

From the sales, to the construction, to the warranty departments, we couldn't be happier with Providence.

The Hansens | Durbin Crossing

Hi Frank,

We love telling people who built our home. We spent months looking for the right builder and found one to build our dream home by Providence. The reason why we chose Providence is personal service we receive it. Frank, Jimmy, Johnna, Nova, and their recommended Lender Prime Landing represented by David have gone above and beyond to help us out with constructing our dream home and choosing the right lender. We were never made to feel like we were bothering them; even though we had a million questions, literally!

We loved the process we were taken through, choosing the floor plan/elevation; design; closing, even the warranty departments response after closing was awesome. We recommend Providence with their "the star team" to all our friends.

Thank you Providence for building exceptional dream home for us!

The Pajkanovics | Crosswater at Pablo Bay

Dear Frank,

I'm sure you remember this was our first new home purchase, of any kind. We were really nervous, but everybody from the sales office, to the building supervisor, to the warranty staff and subs were unbelievably helpful, explaining how our new home worked, and how to maintain it correctly. The thoroughness with which the sales office handled our paperwork and worked with our Realtor was impressive. They were also very patient about the frequent visits to our new home as construction was completed, and answered all of our questions to our complete satisfaction. A small error on the order list was corrected quickly and completely. The small fixes that are necessary with any new home construction were completed quickly, and coordinated expertly, with attention to our busy schedule.

We are so happy with our new home! It's just what we wanted, and the longer we live here, the more we see just how well constructed it is.

Thank you!! 

The Glovers | Crosswater at Pablo Bay

Good afternoon, 

Now that my family & I have settled into our Providence home over the last week, we are so excited to have completed this process. The house looks wonderful and we look forward to many years here.

We had a great front end experience with Michael-ann Matchett, who answered our questions timely and always with a smile on her face. We had several revisions on the front end made and she was patient with us.

I'd like to take a chance to also mention our Construction Superintendent, Kevin Bailey. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and still follows up with us now on items related to our home. He fixed every minor issue that we had along the way or gave us a reasonable, timely explanation on why we couldn't fix something. After sending Kevin an email, he would always respond within minutes which meant a lot to us. We are so thankful to Kevin for his hard work, dedication & level of fun that he brought to our building process. I would recommend building with Providence again in a heart beat.

Lot 364 Residents 541 Cross Ridge Dr. Logan, Meg, Landon & Jersey :) James
The James | Greenleaf Village at Nocatee


We contemplated numerous factors when deciding on a builder for our new home. Among the most important to us was energy efficiency. We chose to build with Providence Homes because of their commitment to ENERGY STAR® Certification. We are very pleased with our home's energy efficiency and would recommend Providence Homes to anyone looking for an energy efficient home.

Karl & Marice Hague-Crosswater at Pablo Bay

The Hague's | Crosswater at Pablo Bay
"From start to finish, we've had a tremendous experience with Providence. We relocated from Chicago so we had to go through most of the building process remotely. The team at Providence, most notably our sales agent, Cheryl Hall, was fantastic! She would send us pictures and provide us with updates via email and text that made us feel like we were really part of the process and not 1,000 miles away. Thanks to Cheryl and the Providence team for our great, new home!"
The Scheets | Wellwood Preserve in Durbin Crossing

The Team @ Providence Homes was exceptional, especially our interactions with Cheryl Hall who made the entire process seamless and very easy. We appreciate everyone's willingness to listen to our needs and quickly address any questions that we may have had.

We love our new home and would recommend a Providence Home to anyone...you are not only getting a fantastic home but it's backed by a great team!!

Many Thanks -
The Schlict's | Tollerton at Durbin Crossing

This is my fiancé's and my first house together. We have pretty much dealt with every builder in Jacksonville prior to Providence. Every builder we dealt with was either too expensive for what we wanted, not able to deliver what we wanted, or said they could deliver to earn our business and then just jerked us around. The more we learned about Providence, the better we liked them. Our sales person, Cheryl, was very patient and not pushy at all and took very good care of us in the first stages. Once we got started the whole team was instrumental in the seamless process of building our dream home. Hopefully I don't miss anyone, but everyone from Johnna to Donna (both of them), Jimmy, Kevin, and Mike, were awesome! Needless to say, our house was built without a hitch in about 4 months!

Thank you Providence for making our home buying experience a great one. We now have the most beautiful house in the community!

The Hopkins | Yellow Bluff Landing

I would like to take a moment to formally address everyone from Providence Homes and Prime Lending for helping make sure my dream of owning a new home became a reality. Everyone I came in contact with was courteous and professional and for that I am humbled and I appreciate it. Jimmy and his team did an Outstanding job with the construction, drywall inspection, and orientation were great. Jimmy made sure to cover every basis and ensured I understood everything, he didn't make me feel rushed. I would also like to give a HUGE shout out to Michael Paschall, WOW! He was great from day one, I never had to call and ask a status of construction etc. because he was pre-emptive in sending me photos on a weekly basis and keeping me abreast of everything that was going on, especially while I was still stationed in VA. No matter what time or his days off, he made himself available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He even noticed a discrepancy in my loan amount on the contract which myself and Prime Lending overlooked. Mike was nothing short of spectacular. I am proud to have used Providence and Prime Lending and I will definitely refer Sailors to you if I am ever asked. Thank you for your time and attention, take care and be blessed.


The Ford's | Yellow Bluff Landing

"...from the beginning of the buying process, to the final stages of closing, we found the sales staff and project managers to be top notch. They assisted us every step of the way, paying attention to our needs, and making our purchase as stress free as possible.

We highly recommended Providence Homes to future homeowners."

The Vasquez Family | Greenleaf Village at Nocatee

We are pleased to share with the wonderful experiences we had in purchasing our new home from Providence Homes. Our sales consultant, Mike Paschall, has been consistently friendly and knowledgeable. Mike served as our single-point-of-contact during the entire purchase process. He informed us of the numerous advantages we would benefit from in becoming owners of a Providence home, including the high quality of workmanship and energy efficiency. He helped us identify the floor plan that best fit our needs and walked us through the many different options available. Mike also invited us to tour an inventory home that was a perfect fit for us.

During the pre-closing process, Mike kept us informed about their progress in preparing our home for move-in. He checked in with us every week and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. He also made himself available on several occasions so we could visit the home prior to closing in order to take planning photos and measurements. On the day we signed our contract, Mike accurately predicted the date on which we would close - only 30 days later.

The Providence team provided us with a very detailed walk-through, and since our purchase, we have had very positive experiences with the Warranty department, as well. As with every new home, there may be a few post-move issues to address. We have had all of our requests replied to promptly and we're very pleased with the repairs and replacements that were made.

Even though our new home is 50% larger than the one we moved from, our energy costs have not increased. The climate is also very consistent throughout our home, both when heating and cooling it. In fact, on a frosty morning, we walked into our unheated garage to find it was a pleasant 65 degrees.

Overall, the construction of our home has been sound and the quality of the materials used in it has been excellent. Given our experience with Providence Homes, we strongly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a great home from great people.

The Duckworths | Yellow Bluff Landing


As you may know, we closed yesterday on our new Providence Home in Durbin Crossing. We are thrilled with the quality of the home and really enjoyed working with both Erik and Rob. Erik was very friendly, professional and responsive and helped lead us to a good home site and model choice. Rob made the construction process very easy for us (which isn't so easy to do given we came from out of town) through good updates and great and timely responses to questions all delivered with a good attitude. You are lucky to have these two guys on your team. They are differentiators...

Best of luck with your continued success as you continue to build quality homes in Jacksonville.

Best Regards,
The Goldstroms | Durbin Crossing

I wanted to write a quick note to say how grateful and pleased we have been buying a home through Providence. The whole experience has been excellent, starting with Michael-Ann, then with JT, then Nova and finally Kenny. The whole team has been patient with our concerns and extremely helpful and professional. Although we bought a home, it is people that make it happen and we can't say enough about the experience we had. God blessed us with a home after 10 years of trying to buy one...and we are so grateful he led us to Providence! We would be happy to endorse Providence to anyone looking.


The Woods | Greenleaf Village at Nocatee
We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the entire Providence team for helping us build our dream home in our dream community. Our sales agent, Kelly Hicks was always available and responsive to our needs. We were very involved in the building process and found ourselves constantly emailing Kelly with questions or potential changes. Kelly was always accommodating and quick to check on any questions we had. After our initial walk through with Jimmy, who by the way is also fantastic to work with, we found a few changes we needed to make. Jimmy and Kelly worked as the liaisons between us and the builder to ensure we got what we needed.
The Elmore's | Eagle Landing

Mike Paschall & Providence Homes, 

I would like to take a brief moment to let you know just how wonderful our sales associate (Mike Paschall) was during our home building process. As first time home buyers, with an uncooperative real estate agent & being over 5,000 miles from our build site, we felt very alone in our decision on who to build with, or to even buy a pre-owned home. It was by chance that we met Mike over the phone one evening from Hawaii. We explained exactly what we were looking for, and he got started. He took multiple pictures and sent hundreds of emails throughout our process. The Providence website helped greatly as well, Mike told us we could view the model home from there, and I must have watched that video hundreds of times. We felt so comfortable with Mike and all the footwork he had done, we decided to build and purchase our new home all the way from Hawaii! Having never set foot in Jacksonville, Mike showed us pictures of the area, and let us feel as if we had already been to the lot site. When we arrived to Jacksonville 3 months later, it was great to finally meet face to face. We couldn't have picked a better site for and community for our family, Mike was right on target! Mike always put his best foot forward during the entire building process. I used him as a crutch during the building portion of the home (as home building can get stressful sometimes) and he was always there for us, sending pictures and doing whatever he could to make the process as painless as possible... 

Thanks to Mike and all his very hard work during this whole process, we had a great Christmas in our new gorgeous Providence Home! I would recommend Mike to anyone buying a Providence home or any home for that matter. He will always be considered a part of family and is welcomed at our home anytime with open arms! Thanks Providence for keeping up your end of the bargain, and having us in our new home before Christmas!

Thank You Mike, we couldn't have done it without you!

The Endrina's | Yellow Bluff Landing

Sue and I had our walk thru with Rob on Friday and we just wanted to tell you that the house and the entire Providence Team have exceeded our expectations. The house looked fantastic and the quality and workmanship are second to none.

With Erik's help and guidance we picked the prefect home for us. No other home we looked came close. Donna held our hands and was patient and helpful beyond words to make sure our selections for our dream home would indeed make it a dream come true.

What can I say about Rob? Our house was built as though he was building it for his own parents. "Good enough" is not in his vocabulary. He is an amazing person and we are proud to know him.
It is such a comfort for us, being 700 miles away, to know that this entire team was made up of such nice, wonderful, caring people who go the extra mile and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

The Casacia's | Wellwood Preserve

I will soon be in my new home 6 months. I continue to be happy with the product that was delivered from Providence homes.

When I was looking for a home in October of 2012, I was looking for a builder that had ready to move in inventory. There were a number of builders in Eagle Landing that had inventory of the type I was looking for. Making the decision was complicated. I finally narrowed the decision to two homes; one was from Providence another from a competitor.

Houses come in so many styles to attract potential customers and I was actually drawn to the styling of the competitor's home. However, once I started to compare the features between the competitor's home and the Providence Home it was much easier to make the final decision.

I was impressed with the energy efficient construction design; the quality of the primary construction, the quality of the inside finishes as well as the decorator selections.

The energy efficiency has proven to be true. We don't have an energy efficient household. I have an elderly mother living with me, so there is someone at home 24/7.
My home is all electric and even with these constant demands my power bill for 2500 sq. ft. has been between $125.00 and $165.00 per month.

You certainly did an outstanding job of bringing all these Providence home advantages to my attention. You knew the product and made sure that I knew what made a Providence home different.

I would certainly recommend Providence Homes to anyone I know looking for a home. If I need another home in the future ( I hope I don't), Providence Homes would be my first choice.

Thanks again Kelly !

Marvin Walker | Eagle Landing

Dear Charles,

David and I just want to take a moment and thank you for your accommodating efforts in designing and building our home. We know we pushed hard to get the home we wanted and at every turn, when you could have dug in your heels and said, "no", you were instead gracious and instrumental in allowing us to pursue the outcome we felt was best suited for our needs.

We appreciate that you allowed all of our change orders and documented them so well, even as time pressed on. It's wonderful that you understood that sometimes we didn't know about an issue in the beginning but you let us act on it when it came to the forefront. For that, and more, we would like to thank you, and your team, but especially you because without your leadership and the guidance that came from your position of "decision making power" none of it could have happened.

Thank you Donna Stanton, for the initial design help you gave us and the extra time you provided in the studio. Some of the decisions you helped us make were very important in our final outcome, among them, the solid wood door upgrade. But more importantly you showed us how to make the best of what was available.

Thank you Erik Head, for sticking with us through the contract phase even though your wife was giving birth throughout the process...Your showing us the flexibility available to us in the structural elements was so key to us making the decisions that would really make this house work for us.

Thank you, Rob McKisick, for having such a good attitude and going with the flow and making everything work and come together in the end. If it was what we wanted you did it. Thank you for allowing us to stay on property and keep an eye on the process; and then continuing to help us, even after closing when you helped us pull some final stuff together for which you really didn't have responsibility. Thank you for addressing all the issues that came up along the way whether you had to or not. Thank you for addressing all the issues from our walk-thru and from our inspections. We really appreciate all you did to get our home built the way we wanted it.

Thank you, Donna Green and the other office staff, for getting us the closing information early. That helped ease our minds about the financial end and to prepare our funds in advance. A great piece of mind was allowed because of this.

Thank you Teri Goodroe for getting an inspector cleared and on property in time for Rob to work his magic.

And David wants to add a thank you for the fireplace, the mantel and the stone installation for which we were allowed to use outside resources to purchase. He loves it.

We love our new home.

We hope to be happy here for all the time allotted to us by God.

May God bless you and your staff and your company and your families, and may you continue to make other homebuyers happy.

Sincerely and with warm regards,
Katherine and David Fries

The Fries | Cimarrone
Starting a new life in Florida was a transition made really easy by our Providence Home Builder and it's consultants. We were fortunate to meet Erik Head who took the time to listen to our needs and was knowledgeable about the neighborhood and the type of home we needed. Providence made the selection of the home really simple and we were able to select and begin building sooner than we ever thought possible. The end result has exceeded our expectations and we feel that Providence was key in drawing in the best neighbors ever.
The Quintanilla's | Leith Hall @ Durbin Crossing

Dear Providence Homes,

Our first contact with Providence Homes was with Sales Agent, Kelly Hicks. Kelly listened to our needs, found a floor plan that appeared on paper to meet our needs and drove us to visit a home being constructed in another neighborhood. Being able to walk the home definitely helped us in making our final decision to build with Providence Homes and was also helpful in making structural decisions and design choices. We are impressed with the size of our new home, its cost and most importantly the quality!

Communication with Kelly and our builder, Rob McKisick, throughout the building process was extremely helpful and uniquely refreshing. We recommend you to our friends and family and if we ever find ourselves looking for another new home, we would happily build another Providence Home!

The Richard's | Fairway Ridge @ Eagle Landing
Making the decision to build with Providence Homes was absolutely the best choice for our family! From meeting Frank in the Sales office, to the final inspection with Rob, our experience was a great one! Everyone we met from Providence while we were designing our beautiful new home was friendly, knowledgeable, and treated us like family from the start. We highly recommend Providence homes for anyone interested in a well-built, gorgeous home to last a lifetime!
The Camero's | Crestwood Park @ Durbin Crossing
Our 1971 floor plan with 4 beds, 3 baths, and 3 car garage has all livable space and has made downsizing a breeze. Our girls still have their own rooms and baths, which makes for peaceful living. We love the energy efficiency of this Providence home, and look forward to seeing how low the bills are each month. We are in a great location and school district and could not ask for more. No matter where we go all day, our favorite part, by far is coming home! We love our Providence home with great value, quality, warranty service and location what else would it take for you to move?
The Wenkstern Family | St Johns Forest
We were very excited to move into our second Providence Home. The Providence team worked extremely hard to ensure that we were able to meet a very aggressive closing deadline. We were coming back to Florida from another state and really had very little flexibility but their team made it happen. Their continued follow up and help has been great.
David Crenshaw
We love our new Providence home. Great use of space with large bedrooms and walk-in-closets in each bedroom are great. We love the tall ceilings and crown molding throughout the house. The energy efficiency of the home is amazing. While this house is 25% larger than our new home, we pay almost 50% less in electricity costs each month. This has to be due to the amount of insulation in the attic and walls. We would buy another Providence Home.
Siren & Jenn Chudgar | Durbin Crossing
"Frank Cirillo was our first contact with the Providence team and he set the stage with his commitment and professionalism. This was not the first home we built and our selection of Providence Homes was the result of weighing both the pros and cons of many homebuilders in the area. We were impressed by the quality and speed of their construction process and their commitment to energy efficiency. What really set Providence Homes apart, however, was the way they reacted to the inevitable problems that arise when building a house; they quickly recognized the problem, discussed options, and made it right. If we had to start the process over again, we would not hesitate to build another home with Providence."
Mike & Silvia Schodowski | Laurel Estates @ Durbin Crossing

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for making our home buying / building experience a great one. Both teams, Providence and Prime lending were very informative and quick to respond to the multitude of emails my wife and I sent them.

Aside from a few minor delays, weather ect.....we appreciate the speed and quality that went into building our home, along with no broken promises or unresolved problems thus far. We entered our new house feeling good about everything Providence Homes /Prime Lending did to insure that our decision to build a new home was the right choice. We would, without hesitation, recommend Providence Homes or Prime Lending to anyone who is in the market for building a new home.

Thank You,

The Nichols Family | Greenleaf Village at Nocatee

I just want to thank Providence Homes and especially Michael-ann Matchett for the incredible experience my family and I had building our first home. We felt like we were the only family having a home built. The care and compassion and the undivided attention we received was remarkable. We felt like we were family not just another customer.
From the moment we stepped through the Providence Homes front door to picking up our brand new mail keys was enjoyable, easy, reliable and they were on time with all they promised. If I had to do it all over again my family and I would! We will also recommend to all of our friends and family to always go with Providence Homes.

Thank you all so very much for the most fantastic experience of our lives.

Robert, Kristi & Hannah Pottgieser | Greenleaf Village at Nocatee

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