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At Providence Homes, we build homes using the "House as a System" approach. Every Providence Home is designed by a mechanical engineer to ensure proper duct design and precisely engineered system sizing. Our engineers also take into consideration the interaction of all the systems during planning and construction, along with the geographic location, the best window technologies for our climate, doors, HVAC engineering, duct work, insulation package, air filtration and more to ensure that we produce high-quality homes that save energy and money.

The features and benefits of a Providence Energy Star home include:

Advanced Framing Techniques

At Providence Homes, we understand that techniques suchas advanced framing are an excellent opportunity to builda more energy efficient home. That’s why all of our homesare built with 2x6 exterior walls with R-21 insulation,allowing us to significantly reduce waste, arrange materials that increase the areas of insulation, and reduce directpathways for heat transfer and cool air to leave the home.

A Tight Building Envelope

As part of the ENERGY STAR® Version 3.1 requirement all of our homes are inspected before sheet rock to ensure the insulation is installed to RESNET® Grade 1 levels, the air barrier is properly installed and aligned and our windows meet 2009 IECC Standards. These inspections are much stricter and more detailed than those required to perform a HERS rating. This unique building practice creates a building envelope that is significantly quieter, safer and healthier than those found on most new code built homes.

Open Cell Spray Foam Attic Insulation

When it comes to insulating your home, our open cell spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to seal your home from outside air and moisture intrusion, and save on energy costs. The SucraSeal® Spray Foam Insulation effectively seals the attic, and creates a tight, quiet, comfortable and energy efficient envelope unlike any other homes in the Jacksonville area. It also meets USDA BioPreferred® program qualifications for those seeking a greener insulation alternative.

Right-Sized HVAC Systems

Why spend the money each month to run over-sized and expensive HVAC systems when you don’t have to? Our HVAC systems are designed by a mechanical engineer to achieve the ideal heating and cooling you want in a home, but without the expense of an overactive HVAC. The thermal envelope you’ll find in a new Providence Home allows you to utilize a more efficient heating and cooling system that is quieter, costs less to operate, reduces indoor humidity, and improves the overall comfort of your home.

Fresh Air Management Systems

Providence Homes uses “run-time” ventilation. (Ventilation is fresh air or outside air.) So, whenever the HVAC system is running, fresh air is drawn into the system, where it is filtered, cooled (or heated) and dried before entering the home. The system also filters out dust particles and other allergens to help ensure your family and home receive the necessary amount of clean air.

Moisture Management

ENERGY STAR® Version 3.1 certified homes include a comprehensive package of water management practices and materials that help to protect your home from water damage and reduce the risk of indoor air quality problems.

3rd Party Performance Testing and Quality Assurance

How can you tell if a home is going to be energy efficient? The ENERGY STAR® label assures you that the home has been certified by an independent Home Rater to meet the rigorous diagnostic testing required by the EPA. The certified Home Raters conduct onsite inspections and testing throughout construction to verify the energy efficiency measures, as well as insulation, air tightness, HVAC systems checks, and the duct sealing details and more meet the guidelines established by the EPA for energy efficiency.

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