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 In North Florida, an unconditioned attic is without a doubt the most hostile environment in a home. On a typical summer day temperatures can easily reach 120 to 150 degrees. For this reason, all Providence Homes are built using a conditioned attic system. By applying spray foam insulation under the roof deck and making the attic part of the conditioned space, the attic stays within 5 to 8 degrees of the temperature of the home. This innovative design change helps the air conditioning system work less because the ducts, which the air travels through, are in a space only a couple degrees warmer of colder than the home. Conditioned attics have been endorsed by the Department of Energy Building America Program as a Top Innovation in Building Science and has been encouraging builder all across the country to adopt this innovation since 2006. The end result is greater energy efficiency, lower energy bills, increased moisture control, and potentially a much healthier home.

Standard Unconditioned Attic

Unconditioned Attics


Providence Homes Conditioned Attic

Conditioned Attics 2


When it comes to insulating your home, our open cell spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to seal your home from outside air and moisture intrusion, and save on energy costs. The SucraSeal® Spray Foam Insulation effectively seals the attic, and creates a tight, quiet, comfortable and energy efficient envelope unlike any other homes in the Jacksonville area. It also meets USDA BioPreferred® program qualifications for those seeking a greener insulation alternative.

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