Our homes are more comfortable because they are designed and inspected to be airtight and draft free. That's why we focus on the walls, insulation, roofing, attic, windows and doors first to ensure we eliminate the air leaks and drafts that rob a home of comfort. The reason for this strategy is control. First, unfiltered air coming in through accidental holes can introduce moisture, dust, pollen and pests. In addition humid air can flow through these holes and when it meets cold surfaces can create moisture and mold problems. And most important these holes make it very difficult to maintain indoor air quality.
All Providence Homes are designed using advanced framing techniques that include:

• 2x6 exterior walls which significantly reduces lumber waste (5-10%),
• Are faster to build with (30% fewer pieces)
• Increases the areas of insulation (40-50%)
• Allows for 60% more wall cavity insulation (R-21 vs R-13)

Another important component to building an airtight and draft free is ensuring the insulation meets Grade 1 RES NET Installation. This ensures better insulation performance that will dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. All Energy Star Homes are required to meet Grade 1 RESNET Installation.
All Providence Homes are built using the DuPont™ Tyvek􀂈 weather barrier to help resist air and water intrusion. Unlike the other perforated plastic weather barriers on the market, the DuPont™ Tyvek• weather barrier is also vapor permeable or breathable, so any moisture vapor in the wall can escape. This helps to provide more protection against the potential growth of mold behind new siding. Improving water resistance and controlling air flow also contributes to better insulation performance, enhanced energy efficiency and a more comfortable home.

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